Secrets of Uncut Diamond Will Leave You Stunned

Diamonds are the most precious stones on the planet. Humans, since ages, utilize it as a part of their ornaments and treat it as a status symbol. In primitive periods, when advanced equipment for mining of diamonds was not discovered, the stones were hunted near river bed. The stones have now come on the surface of Earth, but the fact is that these stones are the results of billions of years of processing under the surface of Earth.

The word ‘Diamond’ has been inspired by the Greek word “adamas”, which means superiority and durability. Until the science of cutting evolved, people embraced the uncut diamonds and preserved these in their safes.

Ancient folks used to wear uncut diamonds as their breastplates. In those days, people were not aware about the true value of the precious stone. But so as to give a shape and glittering figure to the uncut diamonds, a lot of challenges were faced by artisans. In order to cut the stone, a lot of study is required to analyze the flaws and its inclusions. It’s also necessary for the cutter to check where to cut so that the weight is not degraded significantly.

The most amazing fact about diamond is the significance of its shape. Therefore, during cutting, it’s necessary to keep in mind the shape, which assigns value to the stone. There are chances of significant amount of loss in the weight of diamond.

The largest diamond found on Earth ever was by Supt. Wells on January 26, 1905. He was on his regular patrolling when he saw something glowing remarkably in a pit. The uncut diamond weighed about 1.5 pounds and was later cut down into 9 pieces. Joseph Asscher was assigned to work on the rare stone. Years later, a class of diamond cut was named as “Asscher cut”.

Very recently, an unbelievable news came from South Africa when 7—carat rock believed to be diamond was discovered in the untamed islands of the country. If verified, the stone piece, which is as big as a coconut, would be the largest uncut diamond ever found on the planet Earth.

Today, when technology is operating at an unimaginable level, the best thing that you may do is to simply go to a jewelry shop, check the catalogue and buy a piece for your loved one, but it’s also our responsibility to understand the pain and effort taken by laborious artisans to make the raw uncut diamond the pride of our life.

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