Equipped with Sleep Pods, 17K Pounds Sofa, Running Track and Also Provides Free Food

More than eight hundred employees got into Google’s London Headquarters, which has sleep pods, a running track, 17K pounds worth sofas and free food.

There are about 1.7k more employees who will be relocating to the new building shortly. The eleven storey building at the Six Pancras Square has an oak and steel staircase that encourages chance encounters between colleagues for any kind of collaborative of casual chats. Food and drink in the café and canteen are free for the employees of Google.

The new Google Head office also has a 90 Meter running track for employees. So, along with free food, the company is also encouraging its employees to have a good workout in their campus. Google is one of the many companies, which has been under pressure in Europe for not paying taxes appropriately. They were accused for moving their revenues across all the countries in order to save money or cut down on paying hefty tax. The new head office will certainly be a paradise for all the employees of Google. The company always gives high importance to its office infrastructure and facilities for its staff. It has remained a favourite brand among people because it cares so much for its people and employees.


In the month of January, Google had agreed to pay around 135 million pounds in back taxes in Great Britain after the government’s inquiry was sparked by a public outcry. The office space also has 5.5K pounds Metronap sleep pods and the interiors are furnished beautifully with Swiss furniture by Vitra, the one that sells sofas for up to 17K pounds. No other company has been as liberal as Google when it comes to favouring its employees. Google has made the food free for all its employees. This must have been a big step considering the cost that will be involved in serving free food for approximately 1000 plus employees per day.

This is certainly a big move by Google and it goes on to say how rich the company is and how confident it is to make such a big statement to the rest of the world. The employees of Google must certainly be blessed to enjoy all these facilities given to them. Thousand more employees are expected to move into the new office in future.

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