Amazon All Set to Step up UK Tests of Drones for Delivery

Amazon will now step up drone tests in the United Kingdom airspace after getting approval from the Government. The Civil Aviation Authority, which is also known as the CAA, has now granted Amazon a special permission for testing the drone without many restrictions.

This awesome agreement will make the online retail giant move one step closer to Jeff Bezos’s idea of fleets of drones that deliver small items directly to the customers in less than half an hour. The tests that are due to start off are probably the most extensive tests of online giant’s drones anywhere in the world. The company started to develop this technology in the R&D base in Cambridge and it is expected to be testing the drone in the rural areas of the South East of the city.

The agreement between Amazon and CAA has favored the former and it has now been granted several concessions on the rules to fly the drone. The company will be allowed to operate the drones without direct line of sight; it will be able to test the technology, which will allow the drones to automatically escape the obstacles that are in the air. Amazon will allow just one pilot to control many automated drones unlike the typical case where one pilot is needed to control one drone at a time. The restriction has only been taken off in some of the spaces, which were approved by the CAA.

Amazon revealed the second version of the air drone in 2015. The drone that is capable of taking off and landing safely can fly like an air plane in order to cover a good distance. It can fly for up to 10 miles and carry products that weigh up to 5lbs; it can fly at a height of 400 feet. However, this flying technology needs to be extensively tested. Mr. Bezo had announced about the drone system way back in 2013; he had told that it will be made available in 5 years; however, there was no fixed date as such.

Mr. Paul Misener, (Vice President – Amazon, Global Innovation Policy and Communications) stated that UK has been a global leader in enabling the air drone innovation. He stated that the recent announcement will further strengthen their partnership with the United Kingdom and it will bring the company closer to the goal of utilizing drones to deliver the parcels safely in less than half an hour to the customers in the UK and across the globe.

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